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Katedra mechaniky K132


Na této stránce najdete software, který je vyvíjený a udržovaný na katedře k132, případně odkazy na další užitečný software.

Local sofware:

T3D | Homepage |
Powerfull mesh generator capable to discretize complex 3D domains into triangular and tetrahedral meshes of high quality.
Author: Daniel Rypl
OOFEM | Homepage |
Object oriented FEM code with modular and extensible kernel | Voln iiteln, objektov orientovan program pro analzu vdecko-technickch problm metodou konench prvk s modulrn a roziitelnou architekturou.
Author: Borek Patzak
License: GPL
SIFEL | Homepage |
Open source code for mechanical, transport and coupled problems. The code is based on the finite element method.
Author: Jaroslav Kruis and coworkers
EduBeam | Homepage |
EduBeam is educational software for analysis of frame structures.
Authors: Borek Patzak, Jan Stransky
HPSR | Download |
Homogenizace, pruzina, smykova rezistence. Unosnost zdi kostela vyjadrena v pozadovane smykove pevnosti.
Authors: Pavel Kuklik, Martin Valek, Charalampos Paschopoulos

Locally maintained sofware:

Elixir | Download |
Extension LIbrary for X-based Interactive gRaphics
Author: Petr Krysl
License: GPL

Note: This version is designated to be used with packages T3D and OOFEM
and is likely to be not compatible with the original version maintained by the author

Ckit | Download |
C Programmer's Toolbox. 
Author: Robert A. Zimmermann, Petr Krysl
License: GPL
HELP | Homepage |
Program HELP (Heat and Elasticity Properties) is a simple software for the determination of effective elastic properties and effective thermal conductivities using the Mori-Tanaka homogenization method. This program can be used for ellipsoidal inhomogeneities embedded in a generally anisotropic medium. HELP was originally designed for evaluation of effective material properties of carbon-carbon plain weave textile composites on the micro- and meso-scale. Therefore, the homogenization with the orientational averaging was also implemented.
Author: Jan Vorel, Michal Sejnoha
License: GPL
DEPTH | Homepage |
Program DEPTH calculates the depth of influence zone and 2 parameters of Winkler-Pasternak subsoil.
Author: Pavel Kuklk, Miroslav Brouek
License: GPL
ParamSeeker | Homepage |
Program ParamSeeker is a simple application for the identification of material parameters of advanced constitutive models, particularly Modified Cam Clay and Drucker-Prager with cap. In the optimization process the experimental data (isotropic consolidation, hydrostatic compression, triaxial shear test) serves as an input values. The resulting parameter sets can be directly used in the finite element based software.
Author: Tomas Janda, Jan Vorel, Michal Sejnoha
License: GPL

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